Anew Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of services for all your carpet cleaning needs. We utilize the best products and the best services in order to create the optimal clean feeling for your carpet and home. Our services include Residential Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Carpet Cleaning  as well as upholstery, tile, and grout cleaning.

Our Services

Our carpet cleaning process is quick and painless allowing you to get the carpet cleaning services that you need in the best way possible.  There are various methods of carpet cleaning including the dry method, wet method, low moisture method etc. All these various carpet cleaning techniques take some make sure of what carpet cleaners refer to as the “cleaning pie”.

The four pieces to the cleaning pie are time, heat, agitation, and solution. The time is how long the solution is left to do on the carpets during the cleaning process. The heat is the temperature of water being used. The agitation is how much each carpet fiber is scrubbed during the carpet cleaning process. The solution involves what carpet cleaning solution is used.

Our low moisture/oscillating pad cleaning method is relatively new compared to prior methods of carpet cleaning. We choose the low moisture/oscillating pad method for the benefits of fast dry time, low moisture, and water conservation. Not to mention the amazing results we have seen firsthand in thousands of homes here in Oklahoma City! Applying the “cleaning pie” above to our method: we use more “agitation” and an excellent “solution” that together produce great results and optimal convenience. The other pieces play a role, but not as much. The ratio used for your specific carpet cleaning may vary based on the method.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Low moisture carpet clean has many benefits you will enjoy. We use no hoses or open doors and no soaking of the carpet. Since we don’t use a wet method, you’re much less likely to see recurring stains. We know that we have removed the stains because your carpets are left fresh, clean and revived. Click to learn more about our Residential Carpet Cleaning Process.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

One of the major issues with commercial carpet cleaning is that the carpet is typically glued to the ground. If you are working with a carpet cleaning company that uses steam cleaning only, this can present a variety of problems for your carpet. Since the carpet is glued to the ground, airflow is not available to suck and extract the detergent and water. You end up with wet carpet that typically results in your carpet being more dirty than when you started. Click to learn more about our Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Do You Just Do Carpet Cleaning?

We do much more than just carpet cleaning. If you need your tile and grout cleaned or your upholstery cleaned, we can take care of that for you in the same appointment as your carpet cleaning. Just be sure to mention it when you contact us.