Residential Cleaning Process

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Low moisture carpet cleaning has many benefits you will enjoy…

No hoses and open doors, no soaking of carpet, no recurring stains.

Carpets are left Fresh, Clean, and Revived!


Encapsulation Process

First, the carpet is prepared by a pre-vacuum to collect loose debris and ready the carpet fibers.

We then apply a diluted encapsulation cleaning solution directly to the carpet. The encapsulation solution cleans, deodorizes, and allows for the encapsulation process during drying.

We then use a non-abrasive cleaning pad and an Oscillating Pad Machine to instantly transfer soil, dirt, and stains from the carpet to the pad.  The patented Oscillating motion penetrates deep down to the base of the carpet loosening any soil and bringing it to the surface for removal.

As the carpet dries the encapsulation process makes sure that all residue and any soil is encapsulated to be vacuumed during routine cleaning.



Save yourself the experience of using another method that soaks your carpet, or renting a machine to do it yourself. Our customers wish they had only found out about us earlier!