Carpet Cleaning 101

How Carpet Cleaning Works

Carpet cleaning with a dry method, wet-method, low-moisture method, etc. all take some mixture of what carpet cleaners refer to as the “cleaning pie”.  The pieces to the pie are:

Carpet Cleaning Science pie

  • Time (How long the solution is left to dwell on the carpet)
  • Heat (The temperature of the water being used)
  • Agitation (Rate of scrubbing each fiber)
  • Solution (Cleaning solution used)

Low moisture/Oscillating Pad cleaning is relatively new compared to prior methods of cleaning.  We choose the low moisture/oscillating pad method for the benefits of fast dry time, low moisture, water conservation, and the results we have seen first hand in thousands of homes here in Oklahoma.

Applying the “cleaning pie” above to our method; We use more “Agitation” and an excellent “Solution” that together, produce great results and convenience.  The other pieces play a role, but not as much.  

The ratio of pieces being used vary by method of cleaning. 

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