Professional Carpet Cleaning in OKC Ensures Carpeting is Ready for Use

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Carpets serve an important role in any place they are utilized. They can be used to protect floors and keep them clean, and can also muffle the sound of footsteps indoors. Carpets can also be used to pad areas of major foot traffic, providing passersby with a comfortable surface to walk on. While carpets are designed to be durable enough to walk on, they still require occasional maintenance so that they can last longer and look more presentable.



An article on the NewsOK website published last January 10, 2015 describes how a water leak occurred at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma. A pipe linked to the fire protection sprinkler system broke, leaking over a section of the convention center’s northeast entrance. The leak damaged parts of the ceiling, the wallboard, and even the building’s carpeting; it was so bad that workers spread salt just outside the entrance to ensure that the seeping water did not freeze overnight.

Leaks and spills are some of the most frustrating messes to clean off your carpeting, whether you own a home or a commercial space. Water in trace amounts on your carpets might not be an issue if it dries up easily, but a large spill can cause heaps of trouble, from discoloration to mold growth. If your carpets have been soaked and you need them cleaned immediately, consider hiring a professional company that offers carpet cleaning in OKC, such as Anew Carpet Cleaning.

Drying a wet carpet is just the first step toward restoring a carpet to its former condition. Although replacement is one method to deal with such damage, it can be too costly for some. Any stains and discolorations caused by the liquid need to be thoroughly cleaned, and this can be done with the right cleaning agents. You might want to enlist the aid of expert OKC carpet cleaners that use as little water as possible in cleaning the surfaces. Consider hiring a company that uses encapsulation machines for a thorough clean, especially if your building uses carpeting that cannot be removed without stripping it off the floor. The encapsulation method, or dry carpet cleaning, is quite effective in removing dirt and stains.

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