Carpet Cleaning in OKC Adds Pizzazz and Air Safety to your Interior

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Carpets always add that much-needed flair to your house, apartment or office. It breaks the monotony of the flooring when you lay down carpets in multiple colors. An article from Angie’s List carried over CBS notes, though, that being able to keep the carpets clean will bolster your place’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and safeguard your loved ones’ health.

3 Home Health Benefits To Carpet Cleaning

Issues with IAQ can matter a lot to Oklahoma City residents. There are already a number of IAQ testing firms in the city and the Environmental Protection Agency never fails to stress the danger of air pollution in confined spaces. With this in mind, you should call on professionals who know best about cleaning carpets anywhere, like Anew Carpet Cleaning in OKC.

Indoor air pollutants

If a carpet feels spongy to the touch, it may be due to liquid inundation. This also raises the danger of mold growth, which can trigger or exacerbate respiratory ailments. Furthermore, some carpets are made of material that inadvertently accumulate various indoor air pollutants and attract toxic gases. The Angie’s List article states that foot traffic across the carpet can spread the pollutants, which may include germs from insect waste.

Green cleaning

A carpet cleaner that takes pride in environmentally-safe methods can work his magic on the carpet without damaging it. Pre-vacuum is done first to collect all loose debris and fibers. The cleaner will then use a low-moisture cleaning solution to prepare it for cleaning through a special cleaning pad and oscillating machines designed to force out and collect debris ingrained in the carpet foundation. A quick-dry solution is often recommended, as this allows the carpet to shed moisture.

Silence is golden

Privacy and peace and quiet go hand in hand during a carpet cleaning session. Some cleaning machines are designed for low-noise operations, which can work if other members of the household don’t want to be disturbed.

It is always a wonderful experience to have fun with friends and family on your carpet – if not for the danger of allergens. Fortunately, this can be remedied when you give professional OKC carpet cleaners like Anew a chance to work over your carpet to pristine condition.

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