Professional Carpet Cleaning in OKC: Beyond the Potential Savings

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Okay, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks by doing something yourself? How hard can it be, right? In the case of carpet cleaning in OKC, for instance, you might think there are many professional cleaning tools and machines for rent, and all you need is a little elbow grease and the job gets done for less money.

Paying A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service vs Doing It Yourself With A Rented Carpet Cleaner

Fun Times Guide contributor Andrea Hermitt says otherwise, and that big jobs are oftentimes better left in the hands of professionals. You can learn something from her experience:

Cost of renting professional machines
The author spent a little over $100 plus tax for a carpet cleaning machine from a home improvement center, which is slightly less than what an experienced carpet cleaner would have charged. This is where the challenge began. Her family of three spent the better part of two days moving furniture around and setting up drying equipment before actually working on the carpet.

Paying the price health-wise
The project left the family with sore backs and the author with a sore ankle to boot. Their son was nowhere to be found afterwards for fear of being asked to endure another round of hard labor. Yes, the carpets are clean and the house looks great…but at what price?

No time for anything else
This kind of work is time-consuming, to say the least. The couple had to take time off from their regular jobs for the two-day DIY project, which also ate into their spare time. After all the painstaking labor, the family was left wondering if the money they saved could recover the lost time. The realization now is that they could have just worked for those two days and used their wages to pay someone who professionally does carpet cleaning — and they’d still have a bit left over.

Not about the money
If you sat down and did the math, you’d come to realize—as the author did—that it would cost you less to hire a professional in carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City, such as Anew Carpet Cleaning, than to rent cleaning machines and embark on a DIY project. Professional carpet cleaning services have both the time and expertise, and could clean your carpet more efficiently for a reasonable price. This means less worries and soreness for you and your family.

(Source: “Paying A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service vs Doing It Yourself With A Rented Carpet Cleaner”, Fun Times Guide)

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