Stop Fido from Soiling the Carpet with OKC Carpet Cleaners and More

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Life in The 405 can be quite stressful if you can’t get a good handle of what goes on in your household, especially when it comes to your pets and where they do their business. Sure, you can always hire established OKC carpet cleaners like Anew Carpet Cleaning to help you sort out the mess and get your carpet looking and smelling like new, but there are also some simple solutions that you can try for yourself:

what can i put on my carpet to get my dog to stop wetting on it

Regular Walks

In some cases, dogs only soil carpets because they don’t get enough time outside to do it, so it’s best to walk your pet as often as you can, and do it regularly, too. Dogs remember consistency, so if they think that they’ll be heading out soon, they might be better able to hold it than when you just leave them in the house all day.

Carpet Textures

Did you know that your choice of carpet itself could help keep your pet from soiling your carpet? Here are some tips from Daily Puppy contributor Kimberly Caines:

Certain textures feel unpleasant on your dog’s feet and might make him prefer not to walk on them. Standing on the nubs at the bottom of a carpet runner, for instance, is uncomfortable to your dog. Just turn the runner upside down and place it over the carpet area that your furry pal likes to soil. Double-sided sticky tape and a sheet of aluminum foil have a similar effect.

Hire Professionals

Should you choose to hire professionals like Anew Carpet Cleaning for the job, make sure that you work with a company that uses non-toxic chemicals on your carpet, or at the very least green cleaning solutions that won’t affect your pets’ sense of smell. Ask your carpet cleaners to remove any residual sign of the soiled part of the carpet, otherwise your pet will only keep going back to it.

With efficient carpet cleaning in OKC, and of course your own efforts as homeowner, your pet’s carpet-soiling days are numbered. Don’t be too hard on your pet for it though, since there are a lot of possible reasons for a dog or cat to keep soiling stuff inside your house, and it’s not entirely their fault.

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