Carpet Cleaning in Oklahoma City Needs Proper Wastewater Disposal

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Wastewater disposal has been a big problem, especially with the steam (or hot water extraction) method of carpet cleaning typically used by most companies in Oklahoma City. This common method of carpet cleaning creates a large amount of wastewater. According to the EPA:

EPA Wastewater

Carpet cleaning creates wastewater that includes chemicals from the cleaning formula as well as waste products such as grease and organic matter from the carpet itself. Many chemicals currently used are highly alkaline and aggressive enzymes and disinfectants which if used or managed improperly can cause harm to humans and the environment. A standard cleaning formula may contain a high concentration of sodium bicarbonate and lower concentrations of sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, sodium silicate, anionic surfactant, and nonionic surfactant. Formulas can also contain dyes, polymers, enzymes, bleaches, and solvents of alcohols, esters, and glycol ethers.

Other “green” carpet cleaning methods, such as the encapsulation method used by professional OKC carpet cleaning companies like Anew Carpet Cleaning, use far less water and by default don’t create the amount of chemical wastewater that is often found in other methods.

These chemicals are often disposed down drains directly into our sewage system. This means that the trace chemicals could still be present in our drinking water. When more chemicals are disposed of in this manner the toxicity of our water we use on a daily basis can be affected.

If we all can ask the right questions about the services that are used in our homes then we can contribute to an environmentally-friendly future. If you do require using a steam cleaning method, ensure that the company you are using collects the wastewater and disposes of it properly.

Or even easier… When choosing a company for carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City for your residential or commercial carpet cleaning, make sure that they use a greener carpet cleaning method like the one described above.

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