Trusted OKC Carpet Cleaners Properly Service Rugs that Cost a Fortune

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Carpets and rugs are commonly found in many American homes. These are usually placed in living rooms to help homeowners and interior designers pull off a cozy feeling for home spaces. Accents like carpets normally cost a little over a dollar per square feet, but The New York Times’ Gisela Williams reports on a series of carpets that cost over a thousand bucks more than ordinary ones:

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Weaving together geology, anthropology and Google Earth imagery, the Dutch designer Roosmarijn Pallandt has developed a series of carpets called Consider This Landscape a Territory. She begins with a bird’s-eye photograph of a rug-making region like northern Portugal, Nepal or Japan, then spends months researching each culture and its traditional rug-making techniques. Finally, she converts the original aerial image into a carpet produced by local artisans from natural materials. For the Flora rug, for example, which will be exhibited at the International Furniture Fair in Milan in April, a half-dozen women in Portugal hand-knotted felted wool yarn, jute and eucalyptus. The Ice carpet was knotted by a Tibetan family using wool from sheep, yak and goats combined with silk. The rugs can be ordered through Ms. Pallandt’s studio, in collaboration with Casalis, a Belgian carpet company. Prices start at about $1,168 per square meter.

Carpets and rugs have truly become functional works of art that people can turn to without the need to go to auction houses. As these rugs have achieved the status of being luxury and collector items, homeowners cannot leave carpet cleaning in the hands of amateurs who can mishandle or even ruin such an important piece of investment. Fortunately, trusted OKC carpet cleaners like Anew Carpet Cleaning are trained at properly servicing similar rugs that cost a fortune.

Professional carpet cleaning in OKC is very beneficial for rug and carpet owners that have expensive pieces of home accents. Professional services can help improve carpet durability, as well as increase the carpet’s life before signs of damage start to appear. These businesses carry specialized equipment and cleaning products to ensure proper handling of their customers’ rugs.

Moreover, expert carpet cleaners have gained years of quality experience and certifications as proof that they can in fact clean, and even restore, distinct kinds of rugs. Their specific knowledge of cleaning methods are handy to thoroughly eliminate any form of dirt carpets may contract. This also assures customers that no harm or untoward incidents will happen to their rugs during the cleaning process.

Anyone can clean carpets and rugs, but not everyone can guarantee that the carpets and rugs won’t be exposed to possibly damaging conditions during cleaning or treatment. Hire a team of professional cleaners, especially when your rugs cost a lot.

(Source: Covering All Corners of the World, Gisela Williams, February 26, 2014)

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