People Need Reliable OKC Carpet Cleaning To Launch Successful Events

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Red carpets and other decorative rugs are always rolled out to mark the entrance to venues of special events. They have become iconic symbols for movie premiers, charity balls, and the awards season. Jym Wilson with USA Today filed a report on how an important floor covering met an accident that almost ruined the start of a prominent Hollywood awards night:

The Golden Globe Awards red carpet got off to a wet start Sunday, and the weather wasn’t to blame.

According to USA TODAY staff on the ground at the awards, the area where video journalists are stationed was flooded after 5,000 gallons of water spewed from a burst pipe.

No one can predict when pipe accidents will happen at event venues, but people can prepare to handle any carpet emergency situation that may come their way. Certainly the organizers of The Golden Globe Awards have learned their lesson from that unfortunate experience early this year, and the public should get some insights on what they should watch out for when they host a gathering of their own. Event organizers must always check for obstructions that could pose a threat to their red carpet and even hire reliable OKC carpet cleaning services to be on stand-by in case an accident happens.

section of golden globe red carpet flooded

People can easily find good carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City and nearby areas, but screening the one that best suits client-specific needs is another thing. For hosts of special events, and even for regular carpet use in homes and offices, they must ascertain that the cleaners are established and have a track record of competence and customer satisfaction. Clients should also be able to get the feeling of security that their rugs are in safe hands, and that they’ll be able to use them the moment they need it.

Tried and tested companies, such as Anew Carpet Cleaning, are offering residential and commercial customers with green carpet cleaning, and even fast-dry carpet cleaning, that surely makes any flooding situation seem like nothing but a thing of the past. These companies have trained and professional staff members that help make carpets last longer than those which are not regularly cleaned.

Carpets certainly have risen to a status that is more than just a floor covering, and it is only right that event organizers take their time to ensure that these icon of exclusive affairs get the much needed protection. Some may still see carpets as mere floor coverings, but this does not remove the fact that they play an important role in many social events, and could even be determinant of the event’s success, overall.

(Source: Section of Golden Globe red carpet flooded, Jym Wilson, January 12, 2014)

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