Carpet Cleaning in OKC: Tips on Removing Chocolate Stains from Rugs

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Chocolate is one of the most popular candies and desserts of all time. Spilled chocolate, however, can bring the most disastrous stains on any fabric, including carpets. Unlike other food stains, cleaning chocolate off carpets can be quite tricky as the sticky dessert may cause more problems if not treated quickly or accurately. Flooring specialist Joseph Lewitin lists some tips on removing chocolate stains from carpets in an article for

Carpet cleaning in OKC homes generally involves the use of various cleaning chemicals to effectively remove different stains from rugs. In the case of chocolate stains, rubbing alcohol can work in dissolving the fat in the chocolate and make cleaning easier.

An important thing to note on cleaning agents is that some can leave undesirable effects on certain types of carpets. Even ethyl alcohol may affect the color of a carpet. Testing the agents on unnoticeable parts of the carpet before applying them on stains will help you check for any unwanted results.

Carpet Cleaning in OKC: Tips on Removing Chocolate Stains from Rugs

Once all of the chocolate is taken out of the carpet, you can proceed to removing the stain using a solution of water and colorless detergent. Gently scrub off the chocolate stain from the carpet fibers using a clean towel, and rinse the affected area with warm water. If there are still stains remaining, repeat the process. Finally, dry off the wet area by pressing dry towels.

More persistent chocolate stains may require a stronger solution. As the article says:

“If you can still see the chocolate stain in your carpet then a more powerful alkaline solution may be needed. This will require the use of ammonia, which is a toxic substance that emits noxious fumes. As such you want to make sure that you are working in a very well ventilated space, with rubber gloves protecting your hands at all times.”

The use of more potent cleaning solutions is also needed for harder to clean stains, such as pet urine. These are chemicals that have to be used with extreme care, as they can potentially cause harm in humans.

In addition, carpet cleaning requires a lot of work and patience. A person could take hours of scrubbing and cleaning to simply restore a smudged and soiled area. To get rid of bigger and more stubborn stains, therefore, it is best to call on Oklahoma City carpet cleaning professionals, like Anew Carpet Cleaning. These experts will use the right cleaning agents that will be most effective for different types of stain, without damaging your carpet. They can also do the job safely and more quickly, using the proper techniques and protective gear.

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