Does An OKC Carpet Cleaning Need So Much Water?

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OKC carpet cleaning companies often find customers that are disappointed with the quality of many carpet cleaners in OKC. Most of the time, this is a result of the cleaning method that is used by most OKC carpet cleaning companies. There are two major types of carpet cleaning methods: Low Moisture Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction.

Why do most OKC carpet cleaners use so much water?

The major problem with using Hot Water Extraction is the water that floods the carpet and the inability to quickly remove all the water from the carpet. Because of the high amount of water used, typically your carpets remain wet for much longer. This results in a number of problems.

First, until the carpet is dry, it is a breeding ground for mold and collects dirt and dust particles at a much higher rate. This can leave the carpet just as dirty as before it was cleaned if not fully dried. In contrast, the encapsulation method uses a detergent that encapsulates soil and scrubs the carpet and the soil is pulled out during the post-vacuuming process. Because of the low moisture, the carpets do not take near as long to dry and results in much cleaner carpets. In fact, the detergents used by Anew Carpet Cleaning actually RESIST soil. While it is impossible to recover 100% of the detergent or water from the carpets, this method results in far cleaner carpets quickly after cleaning.

Second, the low moisture method is much healthier for the environment. The hot water extraction method can use hundreds of gallons of water, while the low moisture method used by some OKC carpet cleaning companies can clean over 300 square feet of carpet with just a single gallon of water. In addition, the detergents are not discharged with the water and sent to a treatment plant to clean! The less OKC carpet cleaning water that has to be treated, the better off we are here. Not to mention that the detergents themselves contain little to no solvents or other potentially harmful ingredients. This makes them safe for the environment as well as any pets or children you may have.

Lastly, the low moisture encapsulation method of cleaning carpets is faster! It eliminates wicking and recurring spill stains and is typically less costly than the hot water method. So make the choice of using the encapsulation method when you choose an OKC carpet cleaning company like Anew Carpet Cleaning.

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How to know the difference? It’s easy! No long hoses needed for the low moisture method!

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