Have an OKC Carpet Cleaner Remove Stains or Do It Yourself?

Posted by on February 3, 2014 in Info Articles | Comments Off on Have an OKC Carpet Cleaner Remove Stains or Do It Yourself?

OKC Carpet Cleaners can help you remove spots from your carpet

One big problem that we tend to have as homeowners is the spots that get on our carpet from the various dirt and grime that gets tracked in our house by us and especially children and pets. So how do we go about cleaning these spots out of our carpet? How do we know when we need to call company of OKC carpet cleaners like Anew Carpet Cleaning?

The first thing to do is not to start with cleaning. Try to blot or scrape what spilled on the carpet before you apply any cleaning solution to prevent it from being ground into the carpet. Once you are ready to apply a carpet cleaning solution, make sure you test it. Trying to clean it with the wrong solution can sometimes make it even worse. If you don’t know, test it on a small spot. One that is hidden if possible.

When you know that a cleaning solution works, make sure you blot the stain instead of rubbing it. When you rub a stain hard, you tend to spread it out over a larger area of your carpet and instead of carpet cleaning you make the carpet look worse. Working your way from the outside of a stain to the inside can keep the stain from spreading as well.

Lastly, use a white towel to dry the carpet. Using a fluffing motion can help the carpet look better, while drying the newly cleaned carpets. If the carpet is still wet, you can use a stack of paper towels weighed down to bring out the rest of the moisture.

“If you still can’t get the stain out,” says Brandon Johnson of Anew Carpet Cleaning, “call us. When we come out we will tell you upfront if we can get it out for you, and, if we tell you we can, we guarantee it comes out.”

There are certain types of stains that most common stain removers at a general retail store will not remove.  Rust stains, for example are nearly impossible to remove without the proper professional carpet cleaners, attempting to clean a rust stain with a common cleaner will most likely set the stain and make it permanent.  Red dye stains, from wine, and flavored drinks are also very hard to remove with an over the counter stain remover. Call professional OKC carpet cleaners first if you are trying to remove a rust, red dye, or and other  colored dye stain.

Contact us today to get out those tough stains.