Get Regular Carpet Cleaning in OKC for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

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“How often should I vacuum a carpet?” is a common question that first-time carpet owners ask. According to the experts from Clean Home Ideas, the frequency with which you need to vacuum your carpet depends on several factors:

Need to VacuumLifestyle makes a big difference. If you live alone, have no pets, work at a desk and take your shoes off before your enter the house, you probably don’t need to vacuum more than once every few weeks in low traffic areas.

Add a child, a dog or cat, or any activity with the potential to track in dirt or sand (sports, gardening, living by a beach, etc.), and the situation changes in a hurry. People with allergies and asthma will suffer less if the house is vacuumed often, even daily during seasons of high pollen counts, which can enter the house even when windows are kept closed.

The rule of thumb for vacuuming a carpet is once every week. However, relying solely on vacuuming is not enough to keep a carpet clean; similar to icebergs, the dirt and grime a standard vacuum cleaner removes is only a small fraction of the actual amount of dirt within your carpet. In fact, many OKC carpet cleaning experts, such as Brandon Johnson of Anew Carpet Cleaning, claim that almost 85% of the actual dirt remains hidden within the depths of a carpet.

This accumulation of dirt and grime can present a variety of health hazards; many different bacteria and molds find the dirt and grime left behind in carpets to be a perfect breeding ground. Sadly, even the highest setting on your vacuum cleaner is not strong enough to remove inner layer dirt. The only way to effectively remove inner layer dirt is to hire an Oklahoma City carpet cleaning service to perform a deep cleaning using methods that involve more powerful carpet cleaning equipment and solutions that specifically target the deepest layers of the carpet.

Carpet experts say that most carpets only need to be deep cleaned once every year; once every six months for carpets that experience high traffic. If your carpet has yet to be deep cleaned, do not hesitate to call a reputable carpet cleaning service and schedule a deep cleaning session.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How Often Do I Need to Vacuum?, Clean Home Ideas)